Protect Your HVAC System in Case of a Hurricane

It’s hurricane season here in Folly Beach, South Carolina, and you want to make sure that your home is secure and prepared. With lashing rains and destructive winds often associated with a hurricane, your home can be subjected to flooding, along with items being blown about from high winds. Your HVAC system is especially vulnerable during a hurricane, and you want to take measures to make sure it is protected. Here are a few tips to follow.

Turn Off Circuit Breakers

Whether you are staying in your home during a hurricane or evacuating, always turn off the circuit breakers, especially the ones that run your HVAC system. As power returns after a power outage, the surge of electricity may damage the air conditioner and other appliances in your home. When you do return home, be sure to inspect that there is no water damage to the HVAC system before you turn the breakers back on.

Turn Off the Gas Supply

If your home uses natural gas for heating, cooking, and hot water, be sure to turn off the gas supply. A serious fire hazard exists if there are broken gas lines. It is best to have your supply lines inspected before you turn the gas back on.

Secure the Outdoor Unit of the HVAC System

Blowing objects caused by high winds are one of the most destructive aspects of a hurricane. Walk around the outdoor unit and clear debris away from it that can become loose, fly around, and cause damage. Be sure that your HVAC unit is securely fastened with hurricane straps and that all nuts and bolts holding it down are tightened. Schedule an inspection with us after the storm so we can assess for any damage. If your home is susceptible to flooding, consider elevating your HVAC unit on a higher platform.

Give our experts at AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services a call to schedule an HVAC preventive maintenance visit and to learn more about securing your system before a hurricane. We are ready to speak with you at (843) 277-9928.

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