Dealing with High Humidity

Originally published in Sept. 2017, updated May, 2020.

With half of the region’s rainfall occurring between June and September, summer is the wettest season in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s also the hottest and most humid time of the year. High humidity levels within your home can make you miserable, but there are ways to deal with the excessive moisture. Here are some of the most effective strategies when it comes to staying cool and decreasing humidity in your home.

Keeping Moisture at Bay

From cooking and bathing to doing laundry, everyday activities can send humidity levels soaring. These quick-dry techniques can help keep everyone comfortable when the weather turns hot and sultry:

  • Run exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom to vent warm, moist air outside.
  • Make sure that the vent for your clothes dryer isn’t clogged or obstructed.
  • Leave damp items like bathing suits and towels hanging on an outdoor clothesline to dry.
  • Act quickly to clean up spills.

AC Maintenance

Keeping your air conditioning system in tip-top condition helps dry the air too. Air conditioners work by pulling heat energy from the air. In the process, water vapor is also extracted. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance helps optimize dehumidification, and can save you a bundle on cooling costs too.

In addition to regular preventive maintenance, homeowners should check their condensate line every month or so during the cooling season. The condensate line takes the water produced during the refrigeration process and deposits it outside of your home, helping to dehumidify your home. The condensate line is usually a white pvc pipe that drips water when the AC is running and is typically located close to the outdoor unit. If you’re running the AC and this pipe isn’t dripping, it could be clogged by biologic buildup. It’s important to keep the line clean. A thin wire brush may clear the clog, or a shop vac can suction the clog out. If you’re not comfortable doing either, a technician will be happy to help

Whole-House Dehumidifiers

For a solution that keeps every living space in your home comfortably dry, it’s hard to beat a whole-house dehumidifier. These innovative devices work in conjunction with your existing HVAC systems, drawing in air through the return ductwork. Coils in the dehumidifier remove moisture, and then circulate the conditioned air through supply ducts.

As the largest dealer in the Charleston area, AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services is well-equipped to combat home humidity. For help on improving your home comfort, check out our residential services or call us today.

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