7 Ways to Improve Airflow in Isle of Palms, SC

The last thing you want is an airflow issue for your HVAC system when living in the Isle of Palms, SC. Your home will have stale air and uncomfortable humidity levels on sunny days. Here are seven strategies and why you should consider them.

1. Inspect Your Vents

HVAC systems send air in a circulation motion. Any closed vents lead to a change in air pressure disrupting the motion. Consequently, the system struggles, and will cost your more money as it continues to try and cool the whole house.

The easiest remedy is to ensure all vents in your house are open. Move anything that may be blocking the vents, such as bookshelves or other furniture. Lastly, clean the vents to ensure clean air passes through them into the room.

2. Check Your Ducts

The ducts are usual areas that can lead to weak airflow in your system. The common problems with ductwork can include blockage, dirt and air leaks. These issues result in a significant increase in the energy bills also.

Shinning a flashlight and checking in the attic to see any light escape will help you detect air leak areas in the system. We recommend professional duct cleaning that will also identify leaks that should be professionally sealed.

3. Change the Filters

Your house may be clean but not free from dust and other dirt buildup. The HVAC filters help your system trap dust, allergens, dirt particles and tiny insects. That said, you need clean filters to avoid airflow block and breathing contaminated air.

Regular replacement of your filters is paramount for good air circulation.  Therefore, it’s good practice to change your filters once every month.

4. Schedule Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance helps your system run efficiently. HVAC experts inspect, clean and test your system to ensure smooth airflow. The practice also helps you detect any issues before they get out of hand.

Frequent checks also help you to know how to run your system efficiently. As a result, you’ll enjoy clean air and less costly utility bills. Finally, consider preventive maintenance for increased longevity of your AC system.

5. Switch on the Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans work by pushing air around, causing a breeze effect. When turning clockwise during summer, the breeze moves upwards to displace warm air near the ceiling. Switching the fan counterclockwise pushes the breeze effects downwards, cooling off your body.

Although switching on the fan has no impact on the room temperature, it improves air circulation. Additionally, the cooling effect may prompt you to change your thermostat settings. The 4-degree rule will help you to switch the thermostat settings for greater energy efficiency in hot seasons.

6. Invest in a Ventilator

One of the best ways to improve the airflow in your home is to purchase an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). The ventilator helps eliminate the dirty air from your home and draws in clean, fresh air, improving the quality of the air you breathe.

The energy recovery ventilators come with additional benefits such as lowering humidity levels in your home and preconditioning  air.  The benefit of this action is an efficient and effective HVAC system.

7. Resize Your Ducts

After trying hard to restore good airflow in your home, a final resort would be to change the size of your ductwork.  Poor design of ductwork leads to detrimental air flow and difficulty cooling and heating rooms.

Resizing the duct requires accurate square-footage calculations of the entire home and individual rooms.  A professional HVAC technician will also know know the exact duct-size friction loss rate and cubic feet per meter computation.

Most of these improvements require HVAC expertise, and you’ll need a professional technician to carry them out. If you’re looking for excellent service with AC installation, repairs and preventive maintenance, contact us today at AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services, and we’ll be glad to assist.

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