Why Does Your Furnace Pilot Light Keep Going Out?

Newer gas furnaces use electronic ignitors to start the heating process. However, you may still be dealing with frustrating flame outages if you have an older system with a traditional pilot light. Here are a few of the most common gas furnace pilot light issues you may be struggling with in West Ashley, SC.

Thermocouple Malfunctions

Your pilot light’s thermocouple is a safety feature responsible for sensing if the flame is burning fuel efficiently. If the thermocouple believes your pilot light isn’t on or at the wrong temperature, it will cut off the gas supply. This will cause your pilot light to stay off even when it should be starting a heating cycle.

Thermocouples can slip out of place or accumulate dust that impacts their sensor abilities. Regular preventive HVAC maintenance makes sure every part of your furnace is operational and efficient.

Burns Fuel Inefficiently

Your furnace’s traditional pilot light should appear as a steady blue flame. If the pilot isn’t burning fuel efficiently, it may turn orange or yellow. Address strange flame colors as soon as possible, as they may indicate a carbon monoxide leak.

Dirty Intake Valve

A pilot light may begin to burn its fuel inefficiently if it’s dealing with a dirty gas intake valve. When your pilot light doesn’t receive enough oxygen, the flame can flicker, change colors or go out completely. Don’t try to clean this yourself. Only one of our trained HVAC technicians should handle the more delicate components in your gas furnace.

Gas furnace pilot lights often go out because of thermocouple issues and a lack of routine HVAC maintenance. Trust the experienced experts at AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services to provide the best residential heating repair services in West Ashley, SC.

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