Why Does My AC Keep Tripping the Circuit Breaker in Ladson, SC?

Your circuit breaker disrupts the flow of electric current to protect your appliances and prevent a fire accident. Your air conditioner is one of the appliances in your home that can trip the circuit breaker. Find out below why your AC may trip the circuit breaker in Ladson, SC ,home.

Your Air Filter Is Dirty

As the air gets into your air conditioner for cooling, the air filter traps any contaminants in it. With time, these pollutants accumulate on the filter and clog it. As a result, the system cannot draw in sufficient air through the blocked filter.

Your AC components start overheating due to the reduced airflow. Your system trips the circuit breaker when it overheats.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your system will serve you better if you replace your air filter every one or two months during the warm months.

Low Refrigerant Levels

A refrigerant is a fluid that helps transport the heat to the outside. It absorbs heat at the evaporator coils and releases it at the condenser coils.

The system may have difficulties releasing heat outside if there is a refrigerant leak. Consequently, your system will overheat and trip the circuit breaker.

The refrigerant is toxic to humans, meaning you would be at risk if you tried to fix it. A service technician can help you restore the required refrigerant levels.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Leaves, dirt, and debris may cover the condenser coils, interfering with the heat-releasing function. Your AC will draw more current, trying to push the heat to the outside environment. Your circuit breaker will consequently trip.

Always ensure leaves and debris do not cover your outdoor AC component. Also, it is not advisable to plant anything around this outdoor component. Scheduling an AC maintenance service will ensure your condenser and evaporator coils are always clean and perform optimally.

If you suspect your AC is responsible for tripping your circuit break, contact AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services for outstanding air conditioning services. Our professional technicians treat your system carefully and restore its functionality without causing more damage.

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