Should You Repair or Replace Your Daniel Island, SC, Furnace?

Are you concerned about whether your Daniel Island, SC, furnace will make it through another cold winter? Discover the signs to look for so that you can decide whether your furnace needs a little repair or a full replacement.

Odd Furnace Noises

It’s possible that you’ll notice strange sounds coming from your heating system as it gets closer to the end of its lifespan. These noises typically come in the form of popping, squealing, rattling or banging.

Some causes of these sounds include motor failure, unsecured ductwork, an unbalanced motor or other failing parts. Scheduling a heating repair appointment allows your HVAC technician to advise you if you need to replace the furnace or make a repair.

An Old Furnace

If your furnace is between 16 and 20 years old, then it’s a good time to shop for a new heating system. Most modern furnaces operate well for about 20 years. Start looking at potential replacement models after year 15 so you aren’t making buying decisions during an emergency situation.

Rising Energy Bills

An old heating system that’s losing its ability to operate efficiently causes higher energy bills. The extra money you’re spending on larger utility payments could help you pay for a more energy-efficient model instead.

Multiple Repair Needs

Similar to vehicles, an aging heating system eventually begins experiencing one failing part after another. Heating systems usually incur multiple breakdowns during the last two to three years of their lifespans. You could pay $400 to $500 to repair an old heating system each time it fails.

Waiting to get parts ordered during breakdown situations is another sign that it’s time to schedule a new furnace installation. It may become harder to find parts as a heating system gets older.

Are you noticing strange furnace sounds or experiencing breakdown after breakdown? Contact one of our friendly AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services representatives so we can schedule your next furnace maintenance appointment. We’ll tell you whether you need a simple repair or need to start thinking about heating system replacement.

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