How Does Geothermal HVAC Work?

Thanks to their mind-boggling energy efficiency, geothermal heating and cooling systems are becoming increasingly popular in the Greater Charleston area. It’s easy to understand why. The idea of saving money while taking advantage of a green energy source makes them hugely appealing. The science behind these energy-stingy HVAC systems is surprisingly straightforward too. Learn what makes geothermal HVAC systems a money-saving option when it comes to home comfort.

How the Technology Works

Just a few feet underground, the earth maintains a consistently moderate temperature of between 50 and 60 degrees. Geothermal HVAC systems harness this dependable source of radiant solar energy through ground pipes carrying refrigerant. By pressurizing the refrigerant, heat can be moved in or out of your home according to the season. Because they move heat rather than generate it, they’re among the most energy-efficient HVAC products available today.

Versatile Comfort Solutions

Geothermal HVAC allows for exceptional design flexibility. They can deliver conditioned air through ductwork like conventional systems or through individual air handlers for room-by-room comfort. When equipped with a device called a desuperheater, they can also heat your domestic water. Installation options vary greatly too. Underground pipes can be dug straight down into the earth or buried in horizontal loops. There are geothermal systems for every home and lifestyle.

Economic Benefits

Geothermal heating and cooling systems generate up to four times the electrical energy it takes to power them. Through savings on monthly energy bills, you can recoup your initial investment in a short period of time. Since ground pipes can last 50 years, the payoff can extend for generations. Tax incentives can save you on installation costs too. A personal tax credit for residential geothermal HVAC in South Carolina covers 25 percent of eligible costs.

Serving Greater Charleston since 1970, AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services offers geothermal products you can trust to work well for years to come. For more information, explore our geothermal heating and cooling services or call (843) 277-9928.

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