HVAC units and furnaces are used to heat and cool our homes in Greater Charleston, SC, but over time they become dirty and inefficient. UV lights are air purifiers that use ultraviolet rays to break up the cell structure of contaminants within your indoor air. If you are experiencing odd smells, dust, or particles in your air, you will likely benefit from improved air quality. UV lights can be a beneficial addition to any type of HVAC system you already have in your home.

How can UV lights improve indoor air quality?

UV lights work to clean the air in your home by killing fungi, biologic contaminants and other bacteria within your ductwork. Airborne contaminants can be a factor no matter how new or old your home may be. UV lights also reduce bacteria and viruses that are circulating within your home.

Increased Air Quality

Fresh, clean air can make a major difference in your everyday quality of life. UV systems are especially beneficial for increasing the indoor air quality in commercial properties as well as homes. Because the UV light units are installed in your ductwork, usually close to the coils, any air circulating through your system will get treated. And because they don’t have to be compatible with any particular air conditioner or heat pump, they’re essentially a universal HVAC upgrade.

Upgrading Your HVAC Unit

A UV light system installed inside your ductwork, close to the coils reduces or eliminates biologic growth due to the condensation that is produced by the refrigeration process on the coils. There are some systems, otherwise referred to as “germicidal lights,” that will work even when your HVAC system is turned off. Contact our team to see about improving the air quality in your home or building. For more information, contact us online or give us a call.

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