3 Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split

Ductless mini-splits are a type of heating and cooling system that does not require ducts to condition the air. They are good additions for rooms and houses where extending or installing ductwork is not possible. Here are three ways you can benefit from having ductless mini-splits in Charleston, SC.

1. Energy Efficiency

Ductless mini-splits have inverter-driven compressors that speed up or slow down based on the requirements of your system. This conserves as much energy as possible.

Ductwork can lose about 25% of the energy in homes through leaks and lack of insulation. Ductless mini-splits do not have ductwork, thus making them energy efficient in cooling your house. This reduces your monthly energy bills and maintains comfortable temperatures in your home.

2. Improves Home Comfort

Ductless mini-splits do not produce much noise at all while in operation. This makes your home more comfortable, especially at night while you are sleeping.

Ductless mini-spits have a compact size and do not take up a lot of space in your home. You only need to drill a small hole to connect the indoor unit to the compressor that is outside your home. The indoor units are typically mounted high on a wall or on the ceiling making them unobtrusive.

Ductless mini-splits will protect you from indoor pollutants that are present in dirty ductwork. Ductless systems have excellent filtration methods that help reduce allergens in the air. Your air will be healthier to breathe.

3. Zoning Capabilities

Ductless mini-split systems are available with up to four indoor units connecting to one outdoor unit. These mini-splits offer customized cooling for each room they occupy. You will be able to divide your home into different zones and cool them according to their requirements.

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