The Ins and Outs of Wi-Fi–Enabled Air Conditioning

Recent advancements in home comfort technologies have introduced innovations such as smart thermostats and Wi-Fi–enabled air conditioning. For homeowners in Folly Beach, South Carolina, these innovations offer precision cooling indoors when temperatures and humidity increase outdoors. Learn more about several technologies available for Wi-Fi–enabled air conditioning and discover some of the benefits they offer for homeowners.

Trane ComfortLink With Nexia Bridge Zoning Control Thermostats

As a leader in home automation, Trane offers zoning technology and a home automation hub to remotely control your home’s comfort levels and energy usage. You no longer have to manually make adjustments to the thermostat itself. Using your home’s Wi-Fi network, your computer, tablet, or smartphone can connect to your thermostat so that you can make temperature adjustments anywhere in your home.

How does it all work? Trane ComfortLink thermostats rely on a series of sensors to optimize humidity levels and temperatures in your home. In doing so, they adjust your air conditioning system’s compressor and fan speeds in real time, delivering the most energy-efficient air conditioning operating efficiency possible. Perhaps one of the greatest capabilities of this thermostat is its ability to link with Nexia Bridge to provide real-time data about your HVAC system’s operations. With your permission, that data can go directly to Trane service technicians like AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services so that they can determine exactly how your air conditioning system is performing.

For South Carolina homeowners seeking a smart thermostat solution for their homes, we recommend taking a look at the Trane ComfortLink II XL1050, XL950, and XL850.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

When connected with a state-of-the-art thermostat, Wi-Fi–enabled air conditioning systems can also offer you the ability to monitor your home’s levels of cooling comfort even when you’re not home. Via an app on your smartphone, you can determine the precise temperature inside your home so that you can make adjustments to temperature or air conditioning fan speeds before you arrive home from work or activities outside the home.

Keeping on Top of HVAC System Maintenance Reminders

With all of the reminders you need to address items on your to-do list, wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to keep on top of HVAC system maintenance? The Wi-Fi–enabled Trane XL824 seven-day programmable thermostat removes that burden for you. When synched with your computer, smartphone, or tablet, this thermostat can tell you when your system is due for an HVAC system maintenance check or when you need to change the air filters in your system.

Complete Home Climate Solution

Folly Beach homeowners know that actual air temperatures themselves are only part of the equation when it comes to feeling comfortable inside their homes. Ensuring proper humidity levels is also essential to achieving home comfort. While you can use traditional humidity-measuring devices such as standalone hygrometers, Wi-Fi–enabled technology can also allow you to instantly fine-tune your home’s humidity levels just by tapping an app on your smartphone.

The Trane XL624 programmable thermostat connects with Nexia Home Intelligence Remote Climate Access to operate your home’s air conditioning system even when you’re not at home. This particular thermostat offers the ability to adjust home temperatures remotely and adjust fan controls. The thermostat’s built-in humidity sensor acts like a virtual hygrometer to measure and report humidity levels in your home to you. A dehumidification feature within the thermostat will activate your air conditioning system to turn on and introduce cool air into your home to keep home humidity levels in check.

Additionally, a one-button Energy Savings Mode (ESM) enables your air conditioning system to operate at peak efficiency while saving you money on your home energy costs.

Putting the power of home automation technology to work for you with Wi-Fi–enabled air conditioning isn’t as complicated as you may think. With the right thermostat for your Folly Beach home, you too can tap into precision cooling comfort directly from your smartphone or tablet. To learn more about introducing Wi-Fi–enabled air conditioning technologies into your home, contact the trained professionals of AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services at (843) 277-9928.

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