How Smart Thermostats Work in Isle of Palms, SC

By now, many homeowners in Isle of Palms, SC have heard of smart thermostats. However, like any other new type of device, they may not understand how smart thermostats work. To remedy that, here’s a complete guide to smart thermostats and how they work.

What Is a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats belong to a category of computerized, connected devices that control HVAC systems. Several manufacturers make them, and they come with varying feature sets. Almost all of them, however, share some core features.

For example, most smart thermostats allow homeowners to control their settings via a smartphone app. And most of the time, those apps work when you’re outside your home, too, via the internet. Plus, they tend to have advanced scheduling features for precise control of your home’s comfort.

How Do You Set up a Smart Thermostat?

In most cases, installing a smart thermostat is no different from installing a traditional one. However, it’s sometimes necessary to add some additional wiring to accommodate one. For example, most smart thermostats require a common power wire that older thermostats may not have.

Your best bet is to leave the installation of a new smart thermostat to an HVAC professional. When they come to your home, they’ll start by powering off your HVAC system. Then, they’ll remove your old thermostat, address any wiring issues and install your smart thermostat.

As a part of the process, the installer will also connect your smart thermostat to your home’s Wi-Fi network. They’ll also help you to install and configure the smart thermostat’s app on your smartphone or tablet. Then they’ll go over the app’s operation with you, so you’ll understand how to use your new smart thermostat.

The Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats offer a variety of benefits beyond their ability to control your HVAC system from anywhere. They also tend to have learning capabilities that automatically adjust to your daily usage patterns. That lets them anticipate, for example, when you leave for work and when you come home.

With that information, smart thermostats can increase the efficiency of any HVAC system they control. And many smart thermostats offer energy usage reports, so you’ll understand exactly how they’re lowering your bills. According to Energy Star, you can expect approximately 8% in energy savings from a smart thermostat bearing their logo.

Plus, most smart thermostats integrate with other smart home technologies you may already own. For example, you might make use of Amazon’s Alexa to control your smart thermostat via voice commands. They also make controlling multi-zone HVAC systems much easier, and that can improve your indoor air quality.

How to Decide if You Need a Smart Thermostat

Although you may be perfectly comfortable with your home’s existing thermostat, a smart thermostat makes a worthy upgrade. It adds a level of user-friendliness and modern functionality to any HVAC system. And it’s a cheap upgrade that rewards you with year after year of energy savings.

Plus, smart thermostats achieve those efficiency gains without you having to sacrifice any comfort. So, if you’re the type of person that hates turning the temperature down at night to save money, consider one. By learning your comfort patterns, a smart thermostat can find opportunities for savings that you’ve overlooked.

Smart thermostats are also great for people that don’t make extensive use of their existing programmable thermostats. Since these devices do most of the work for you, they don’t require you to do much. That way, you can reap the comfort and savings rewards, even if you’re not interested in tweaking every setting.

If you’ve gotten this far, and a smart thermostat seems like something you’re interested in for your home, that’s great! Your next step is to speak with an HVAC professional who can help you select the perfect thermostat for you. Contact AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services right away to schedule an HVAC service appointment!

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