Debunking 7 Myths About Ductless HVAC in West Ashley, SC

Ductless mini-split systems continue to gain popularity around the country, including West Ashley, SC. However, some long-standing myths continue to circulate in the discussion. Consider these seven myths about ductless HVAC systems and the truth about each.

1. Only Good for Single Room Applications

Ductless HVAC is often considered when adding a single room addition, especially something like a sunroom. However, some people believe this is the only application where ductless systems perform well.

The reality is that the full use of ductless systems comes in the mini-split application. This is where the system has several smaller air handlers throughout your home. The benefit is what becomes a naturally zoned system, further improving the efficiency offered by a heat pump.

2. More Maintenance

Ductless systems use advanced technology to both heat and cool your home. With that technology, some property owners believe that they require more maintenance to keep them working well.

The reality is that they require the same preventive maintenance as standard heat pumps. This is bi-annual maintenance in the spring and fall.

Ductless systems use washable filters, which may need cleaning as often as every two weeks. This compares to the disposable filters that need replacing every 30 to 90 days.

3. Only for New Constructions

Ductless systems are generally easier to install than central ducted systems. You don’t have to run ducts from the system around your home. Rather, you run a refrigerant line from your condenser unit to the air handlers around your home. This usually reduces the installation costs for new construction projects.

These systems make sense if you don’t already have a central system installed. However, there are other situations where they are also the best option. Work with an experienced installer to explore the options and see if a ductless system makes sense for your home.

4. Noisy

One of the concerns over ductless systems is bringing the circulating fan into the room and the noise it’ll bring. Recent years have improved the sounds of a system on high to whisper-quiet levels.

However, rather than running on high, these high-efficiency systems have a range of capacity intervals.

The circulating fan runs at a lower speed most of the time, which produces less noise. However, it’ll run longer, which maintains the zone’s temperature more consistently.

5. Indoor Units Get in the Way

One of the options for ductless air handlers is units that mount to an exterior wall. Some believe this will get in the way of how they can use that wall space. However, this is far from the only option available.

While wall-mounted units generally cost the least to install, there are other options available. Another option is the ceiling cassette, where the air handler is in the space above the ceiling. There are also low-wall options available that install at floor level rather than at the top of the wall.

6. Don’t Clean the Air Well

One of the benefits people enjoy about their HVAC system is that it naturally improves air quality. The thought is that a ductless system isn’t as effective because it doesn’t move massive air through a central handler.

On the contrary, when they’re properly maintained, ductless systems can better improve air quality than central systems. Air doesn’t have to travel through ducts, but rather goes immediately through the air filter. That also means there aren’t contaminants in supply ducts for the circulating air to pick up and recirculate.

7. Shorter Service Life

Being ductless systems have multiple air handlers and serve both heating and cooling, some think they won’t last as long. Both central air conditioners and central heat pumps have an expected service life of 10 to 15 years. Some manufacturers suggest that they may last as long as 20 years.

Ductless systems should give you the same service life as these other refrigerant-driven systems. The difference you may experience is the multiple air handlers that may require repairs over the system’s service life. Although these units have excellent repair records.

Inaccurate myths can steer you away from what may otherwise be a good option for your home. Schedule a ductless mini-split consultation with one of the expert technicians at AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services.

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