Summer is here, so if you haven’t had your AC tuned up yet, it’s not too late to prepare for the added demands that the summer heat and humidity of the Charleston, SC, climate will place on your HVAC system. Taking a few simple measures now can improve HVAC efficiency, lower operating costs and enhance home comfort on even the hottest summer days.

Change Your HVAC Filter

This is an easy, straightforward task that most homeowners can perform on their own. HVAC filters are readily available at hardware and big-box stores and usually cost just a few dollars. To change the filter, simply locate the air return grate, remove the cover, switch out the used filter with a new filter of the exact same size and replace the cover.

Have the Ductwork Cleaned

You and your family will be breathing air that has been carried by your HVAC system’s ductwork all summer long, so it’s smart to make certain your ducts are free from dust and other allergens. Professional duct cleaning services are designed to remove a host of contaminants from the duct system and are generally a great value for the money spent.

Arrange for an HVAC System Check-up

AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services team is standing by to give your HVAC system a complete inspection, so you can rest assured that it’s ready for the summer heat. Our team will check the coolant levels and examine the compressor, fans and other working parts to ensure that the system is in good shape to perform as needed all season long.

For help with getting your HVAC system ready for summer, contact AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services to request an appointment at your home in Charleston, SC. Our team is ready to schedule a summer maintenance service visit right away.

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