Mini-Splits Are the Most Efficient Option in Sullivan’s Island, SC

When summer comes to Sullivan’s Island, SC, air conditioning systems become essential. But with energy costs rising, homeowners want to know if their AC systems are costing them more than they should. When it comes to efficiency, nothing beats a ductless mini-split AC system, and here’s why.

Ductless Systems Don’t Waste Energy in Transport

Conventional central air conditioning systems use ductwork to carry cooled air to the rooms where you need it. Along the way, there’s energy loss due to thermal transfer and tiny air leaks in the ducts themselves. As a result, central air conditioning systems have to work harder and longer to keep your rooms cool. That means higher energy costs.

Ductless mini-splits, by comparison, feature air handlers in each unit in each room or area you want to cool. That means cooled air doesn’t have to travel to get where it’s needed. It’s a feature that helps ductless mini-splits to deliver energy-efficient cooling exactly where and when you need it.

Mini-Splits Feature High SEER Ratings

Air conditioners use 6% of all of the electricity produced in the U.S. each year. For that reason, the U.S. Department of Energy mandates that all new air conditioners meet minimum efficiency standards. They rate AC system efficiency using a scale known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher a system’s SEER rating, the more efficient it is.

Mini-split AC systems offer some of the highest SEER ratings of any air conditioners on the market today. They score well because they tend to rely on newer cooling technologies than all but the latest central air conditioning systems. Some even use heat pump technology, which is one of the most efficient means of cooling a home yet invented.

Individual Air Handlers Offer Pinpoint Cooling Control

Most central air conditioning systems don’t provide homeowners control over which rooms they cool. When they’re on, they cool down every room with an air register in it. They may break up a home into zones, allowing somewhat finer control over where the cold air goes. However, it still mean you may be spending money to cool rooms you’re not necessarily using.

Ductless mini-split systems, however, feature an air handler in each room you wish to cool. It’s possible to turn each one on or off as needed, as well as to set individual temperatures for each unit. That means homeowners have control over which rooms get cooled and how cool they get.

Many Mini-Splits Feature Variable-Speed Compressors

Another feature that sets ductless mini-split systems apart from most central air conditioners has to do with how their compressor units function. The compressor is the outdoor part of the air conditioning system that transfers heat from the inside of your home to the outside. Most central air conditioner compressors only operate at one speed. They run full speed every time your air conditioner turns on.

The compressors used by many mini-split systems, by comparison, support variable speed operation. This allows them to run only as fast as necessary to remove the heat from your home. So, on warm days they won’t use as much energy to operate as they might on extremely hot days. It’s a more efficient way to operate that translates into significant energy savings.

Ductless Mini-Splits Are the Kings of Efficiency

The bottom line is that ductless mini-split systems leverage their design advantages to great effect, leading to higher operating efficiency. They’re also easier to install in homes without preexisting ductwork and offer greater system design flexibility to meet your cooling needs. In most cases, that makes them the perfect option for homeowners in Sullivan’s Island, SC looking for the most efficient way to stay cool in the summer.

The experts at AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services are your best option for all of your air conditioning installation needs, so contact us today. Don’t spend more of your hard-earned money cooling your home than you have to. If you think a ductless system might be the right fit for you, give us a call and we’ll provide an assessment and install the efficient ductless mini-split system that your home needs without delay.

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