5 Heat Pump Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make in West Ashley, SC

For most residents in West Ashley, SC, a comfortable home is a matter of keeping their space at a comfortable temperature. This means that homes need to be adequately heated during the cold months of winter and kept cool in the hot summer months. A heat pump is one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home, but there are some common mistakes that homeowners can make when using them, so read on to learn about certain practices you should avoid.

1. Turning up The Thermostat Too High

One of the most common heat pump mistakes that homeowners make is to turn their thermostat up to a higher temperature than what they need. In most cases, the heat pump will work by removing the cool air and bringing warm air in. Don’t make your heat pump work for longer than necessary and over-heat your home. It will leave you uncomfortable and cost your more in energy fuel expenses.

2. Adjusting The Heat Pump Daily

Whether it’ hot or cold outside, your HVAC system will work to keep your house at a comfortable temperature as long as you leave it on. Making many adjustments to your system will cause your system to run needlessly, costing you more money.

This is why it’s essential to adjust the HVAC system for hot and cold days as opposed to doing so every day. It will save you money over time and ensure that your HVAC system works at its maximum efficiency.

3. Not Changing the Air Filter

Another shared heat pump mistake that homeowners make is not changing the air filter. You should check the filter monthly and change it when it looks dirty.

When the air filter has dirt and debris, this prevents your system from circulating the air needed for the system to do its job. Not changing your filter can damage your heat pump and cause it to not run at its maximum efficiency.

4. Ignoring Leaks and Drafts

In addition to keeping your air filter clean, another common heat pump mistake is ignoring ductwork leaks and drafty rooms. If you have uneven heating and cooling in your home, ductwork leaks and drafts are probably the cause. Use weather-stripping around windows to seal leaks and have your HVAC technician check the ductwork for separations that can cause you to lose heated or cooled air into the attic or basement.

5. Failing To Maintain The Heat Pump

When you fail to maintain your heat pump, the system’s efficiency will inevitably go down over time. Lack of maintenance means more money spent on your energy bill and less comfort experienced in your home.

It’s ideal to schedule regular check-ups on your system so that the technicians can look for any problems that may arise. This will ensure that you’re not being wasteful with your heat pump and will help you prevent paying for more expensive repairs down the road.

If you’re having problems with your HVAC system, it’s vital to have a professional take a look at it. Our technicians provide reliable HVAC services in West Ashley, SC, and the surrounding areas for heat pumps of all types. If you would like more information on our heating repair services or to schedule an appointment with AC Heating and Air Condition Services, give us a call today.

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